Reiki Therapy


60 min treatment - £45

90 min treatment - £65

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Reiki is a holistic energetic treatment working through the 7 chakras of the body. Reiki originated from Japan and is now worldwide helping many people with imbalances in their bodies, that might be physical or mental. Its a hands on or off treatment working through/with the energy of the body. Although this session is based on Reiki, I also do a card reading (not tarot cards) its seeing where you are right now (present) in your life and what I need to work on with you. Its a healing session based around your needs and I work with you on that opening a safe and confidential space for you to open up and release.

After we have had initial chat (aka - intuitive counselling session) you then relax, lie down and breath while I work through your chakras using Reiki to heal or start to shift any stagnant energy. We can also cut energetic chords, if you feel you need to cut loose from someone or a situation that is no longer serving you. Reiki has also been known to help people with:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Dealing with grief

  • Increasing focus

  • Clarity - more decisiveness

What clients say about Cat……

“I feel very blessed to have met Cat through Yoga practice and finding that she had a clinic just around the corner from my place.  This was a haven for me as I had just had a traumatic car accident with my son in the car.  Her Reiki treatment and healing meditations helped with all the pain, tension anxiety and fear that arose from this incident.  I was able to release a lot of tension and stress which I was also going through with a work situation too (lots of tissues needed) her positive energy through reiki and mentoring through her words helped me to feel worthy and valued. She is a dedicated and caring person with a great personality and lots of laughs too.  I would come away feeling lighter and clearer and able to achieve an amazing sleep”
— Sarah Homewood, Sydney
“ I discovered yoga nidra from Cat as an add on after the yoga - wow - as an anxious individual these really helped me chill out and relax. I have since had Reiki sessions which really unblocked some emotions for me and I can’t wait for my next session. Highly recommended!”
— Laura Brooks, Sydney
“Cat is a beautiful, gentle, amazing reiki healer. Reiki sessions with her helped me work through issues with self confidence and anxiety and she also guided me through some big changes that were happening in my life. Cat always started our session with a bit of a chat which I absolutely loved and I knew that she genuinely cared about how I was feeling and what I needed to work through on that day. Her healing hands are just gorgeous.” 
— Sarah Ashe, Sydney
“ Cannot recommend you highly enough Cat!!! I had never tried Reiki before and was unsure of what to expect,  all I knew was I had anxiety and a very noisy tummy, and you took it all away. When I got off that treatment table I felt a deep sense of calmness and peacefulness.  When I woke the next day, I was full of energy and felt light like a butterfly! Oh, and my tummy was calm flat and quiet! You really did exceed my expectations and Im devastated you have left Bondi for Scotland!! Thank you always and forever xxx ”
— Amie Francis, Sydney