October New Moon Woman’s Circle 
7:00 PM19:00

October New Moon Woman’s Circle 

You are invited to join a sacred woman’s circle, a space for like minded woman to connect and set some powerful intentions for the future under the October new moon in Scorpio.

Join Cat & Rose as we guide you though burning you fears, intention setting & manifesting, guided meditation, sound healing with koshi chimes and journaling practise - complete with woman’s balancing tea and vegan raw balls

Contribution: £30 (Spaces are limited for an intimate experience so early booking advised).

Date: Friday 25th October , 7pm-9pm

Location: Sacred Heart Centre, 25 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EL

The full and new moons provide a powerful time to gather in ritual and ceremony to reflect, let go and call in anew. The full moon provides a time to reflect on what is no longer serving us and the new moon provides a time to plant seeds for the future so we shall honour the full moon by burning our fears and then move on to celebrate the New Moon.

Circles are safe and sacred gatherings where women unite to share stories and rituals in a deeply supportive environment.  Whether this is your first or your fiftieth circle, you are so welcome to join us. 

What to bring with you:
- a journal and pen for writing reflections
- any intentional objects you’d like to add to the alter we’ll create (objects representing any of the four elements can be particularly powerful)
- an open heart

Who is this circle for:
- anyone who identifies as a woman
- women seeking solidarity with the sisterhood
- women who want to connect with their deepest wisdom and set intentions for the future 
- women curious about working with the cycles of the moon for manifestation

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Yin,  Reiki and Yoga Nidra Autumn Masterclass
2:00 PM14:00

Yin, Reiki and Yoga Nidra Autumn Masterclass

Refill your cup and replenish your energy with two hours of deep Yin & Reiki release with Yogana Love 

This masterclass is designed to work with the elements of Autumn, which are Metal and Fire as we also work with those meridian lines during the practise. Yogana Love (aka Cat) will be guiding you through a 2 hours of bliss using breath, sound healing, music & Reiki while holding space for you to move through a meditative practise: 

The structure of the class:

  • Yin postures to renew energy levels and work with connective tissue (not engaging muscle) in your body

  • This sequence is aimed at stimulating the Lung, Heart & Intestines meridians

  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and intention setting (Sankalpa) of what we would like to start showing up in our lives now we have released/let go of energy that was holding us back, time to manifest and look forward.

The purpose of the class:

This class is perfect for yoga students to deepen their yin understanding, people interested in a more meditative yoga practice, or people interested in energy healing modalities working with Indian, Japanese (Reiki) & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC)  or anyone feeling a little stuck or stagnant from the colder months which according to TMC are associated with reflecting on what’s holding you back and addressing where you feel stuck or stagnant.

The poses (asanas) will work through the meridians which originates from TCM and Cat will intuitively be working through your chakras from the Indian philosophy to help clear any blockages from your energetic body.


Hope to see you at the event and if you have any questions feel free to PM or email me: info@yoganalove.com

*Please wear comfortable clothing, jumper and a not pad and pen to be able to journal, when we move through a practice our minds can clear and this is the prefect time to capture these thoughts when you are centred and grounded.

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The Essence of YOU Retreat
to Nov 18

The Essence of YOU Retreat

"Come for a weekend of re-discovering the essence of you, working on every layer of your being, the weekends offerings of yoga, mediation, wholesome nourishing food, embodying daily rituals and finding your true essence to take home with you"

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